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Media, Audio, Video

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Oslie, P., & Beischel, J. (2015, August 10). Interview. Aura Colors [live Internet radio].

Scully, S. & Beischel, J. (2015, July 12). Interview. The Cosmos in You [podcast].

(Note: A membership to the Coast to Coast show is required for access.)

Beischel, J. (interviewee). (2014). Can a psychic help you through your grief? America Now [national syndicated TV show].
Audio: Hieronimus, Z., & Beischel, J. (2013, August 11). Interview. 21st Century Radio [Internet radio]

Audio: Taylor, E., & Beischel, J. (2013, May 14). Interview. Hay House Radio's Provocative Enlightenment [Internet radio].
[Link accesses archive in a new window - requires Hay House membership]


Audio: Sakellarios, S., & Beischel, J. (2013, May 8). Interview. Metaphysical Explorations radio [podcast].

Audio: Ginsberg, R., Beischel, J., & Ginsberg, P. (2013, March 28). Interview. Forever Family Foundation's Signs of Life [Internet radio].

Audio: Tsakiris, A., & Beischel, J. (2013, March 5). Interview. Skeptiko: Science at the Tipping Point [podcast].

Audio: Ray, A. &; Beischel, J. (2011, August 28). Interview. Reflections: The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce.

Audio: Taylor, E. &; Beischel, J. (2011, May 24). In search of the true human potential. Hay House Radio's Provocative Enlightenment.

PDF: Beischel, J. (2011). Contribution to: "The importance of mediumship research: A variety of perspectives from contemporary investigators of mediumship." Paranthropology, 2, 20.

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PDF: Tymn, M. E. & Beischel, J. (December 2010). An interview with Dr. Julie Beischel. The Searchlight, 19(4), 1-2,10.

Audio: Radin, D. and Beischel, J. (2010, June 30). Can mediums talk to the dead? Can you? Why should we care? Exploring the Noetic Sciences Teleseminar

PDF: Beischel, J. (2010). The reincarnation of mediumship research. EdgeScience, 3, 10-12.

Video: Beischel, J. (May, 2009). Mediumship under the microscope: Science and the afterlife. 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Online: Beischel, J. (2009, March). Spirit under the microscope: What science can tell us about the afterlife. Vision Magazine, 16 and 44.

Online: The Light Connection; Beischel, J. (2009, March). Is there life after death? An interview with Dr. Julie Beischel. The Light Connection, 25(3), 22-24.