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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Unique and Thoughtful Gift

Some people are just really hard to shop for. And no matter who is getting your gift, it's tough not choosing something too personal ("Sorry, boss, you seem like someone who would enjoy satin sheets"), too impersonal ("But, honey, that toaster can fit a bagel!"), useless ("I didn't realize you were lactose-intolerant -- I'll return that cheese log"), or just in poor taste ("Sorry, I didn't realize when I tried to regift that bottle of wine to you that you've been sober for five years").

This holiday season, you might want to consider giving the 2016 Monthly Meditation Wall Calendar.

Research has shown that meditation can be beneficial for stress reduction, health, mood, brain function, performance, creativity, and even psychic development. 

Providing a friend or loved one with an easy way to bring meditation into his/her daily life is truly a gift.

Often people find trying to clear their minds difficult, but meditation is actually about focusing your attention and being mindful. It's not about asking your brain to stop doing all its jobs (it hates that!). It's easy for your mind to wander with your eyes closed, so a visual image that you can focus on can be helpful.

In the 2016 Monthly Meditation Calendar, we put together 12 striking abstract images that were created from data that were collected while meditators focused on 12 specific ideas including Abundance, Gratitude, and Choice. The data were transformed into images using custom Windbridge Institute software that my husband Mark Boccuzzi wrote. I wrote the intentions for each month that the meditators focused on and that appear on each page.

The calendar can be used as a reminder to take a few moments every day to focus on the image, be mindful of your breathing, and just exist in the present without worrying about the past or planning for the future. Voila! You just meditated! 

Specific simple meditation instructions are included with the calendar.

Grab a bunch for unique, gender-neutral gifts to use as last minute gifts, in gift exchanges, as hostess gifts, as teacher gifts, as New Year gifts, and more.

Get your 2016 Monthly Meditation Wall Calendar at:

In addition to the benefits of meditation listed above, a recent article in Grief Digest listed using a physical wall calendar (not an app) with room to write as a strategy for the bereaved in the new year "to be honest about the pain of our grief and resolve in the months to come to be proactive and do the necessary griefwork." It was suggested that someone who is grieving can use a calendar to write in 'appointments' with herself so that when well-meaning people try to get her to do things she might not be up for doing, she can say, "I need to check my calendar" and decline gracefully if need be. "Just by reserving time for yourself, you will give yourself time to breathe and reflect as the new year, with all of its demands and changes, unfolds." A calendar with listed appointments (with yourself or others) also addresses the feeling that "one day drags into the next, always the same." The Monthly Meditation Calendar might be a thoughtful gift for someone in your life who is grieving.

Get discount codes for use when purchasing a calendar at:

All sales support consciousness research at the Windbridge Institute (so they also qualify for Small Business Saturday).

Thanks! May the meditation practices you create bring peace, health, and joy to all those who receive your gifts.

PS - For more about the process behind the creation of the images, see Visualizing Intention: Art Informed by Science by Mark Boccuzzi.