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Friday, September 17, 2010

What I did on my summer “vacation”


Processed the sitter scores from a slew of telephone test readings performed by prospective Windbridge Certified Research Mediums’ (WCRMs).

Performed additional test readings with prospective WCRMs on the phone.

Administered the Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory (PCI) a bunch of times (the PCI is a questionnaire that quantitatively measures 26 dimensions of consciousness).

Contributed an article titled “The reincarnation of mediumship research” to EdgeScience (vol. 3, pp. 10-12), a publication of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE). Read the article here.

Was interviewed by Dean Radin, PhD, for an Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) teleseminar I called “Can mediums talk to the dead? Can you? Why should we care?”  Listen here.

Set up a specific page listing all the ways you can stay connected and get involved with the Windbridge Institute.

Presented Windbridge Institute research (“Empirically addressing a proposed mechanism behind orbic photographic artifacts” and “Evidence-based mediumship and survival research and its practical social applications”) at the 2010 conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) in Westminster, Colorado.  (Visit our publications page for all of our presentations and publications.)

Received much welcome advice and direction (and shared many giggles) over dinner with charming and brilliant physicist Ed May, PhD, Director of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research, and his fascinating wife Dianne Jenett, PhD, Co-Director of the Women’s Spirituality masters’ program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, during the ISSSEEM meeting.  (And got lost trying to get back to the hotel after dinner.)

Got to spend time with some wonderful Windbridge members and supporters during the ISSSEEM meeting.

Wondered why the scientific study of the survival of consciousness (life after death)---which affects every single person on the planet---receives so little interest, support, and funding.

Shared that wondering as a Featured Blogger on the Daily Grail.

Did my duty as a scientist and served as a reviewer for a journal submission.

Appeared on network TV and on the cover of a magazine in France (yes, you are correct – my name is indeed misspelled on the cover of the magazine).

Saw hilarious comedians Jackie Kashian and Maria Bamford perform in Tucson.

Got two haircuts and went to the dentist once.

Ate a Twinkie.  It wasn’t anything like I remembered from my childhood and I was rather amazed at the stones Hostess has calling that food.  It tasted like cleaning products with a sweet, creamy center.  I was, however, presently surprised recently by Oreos (vegan!) which I hadn’t had in years.

What I did NOT do on my summer “vacation”

Vacation, stay-cation, away-cation, or half-a-day-cation.

Go outside for more than 60 seconds at a time more than once a week.  I have had multiple sclerosis for 16 years (I'm 35) and one of my symptoms is intolerance to heat, so I am pretty much house-bound for the six months that is the Arizona summer (May-Oct).  This is complicated by the fact that the AC in my 1995 Ford Aspire only works if the car is moving more than 35mph but is much easier now that we have AC in our house (we used to just have an evaporative cooler).  Why do I stay?  (1) The other six months of the year are quite lovely and (2) the symptoms I experience from the cold are even worse than the heat-induced ones.
Say or write any of the following “words” or phrases: “till” (I will only use until or at the very least ‘til); “irregardless”; “a-whole-nother”; “supposably”; “your” when I meant “you’re”; and “explanation point” (oh, David Bromstad, you are in all other ways fantastic).
Take for granted for one moment my near-perfect husband (I would have said ‘perfect’ but he can’t seem to shake the habit of opening a box of cereal, a bottle of ketchup, a carton of soy milk, etc. when one is already open).

Eat a second Twinkie.